Special Events

Operators/ organizers of special events within the unincorporated area of Sacramento County must implement Senate Bill 1383 and Sacramento County Code (SCC 6.20) requirements to reduce the amount of waste generated at the event and ensure the diversion of recyclables (glass, metals, plastic, clean cardboard) and organic materials (food scraps, food-soiled paper, plant material and untreated wood) from the landfill. 


1. Subscribe to waste collection services from a Sacramento County Franchised Waste Hauler​​​ to collect garbage, organics, and recycling from the event

  • ​Speak with a waste hauler representative to determine an adequate number and size of dumpsters/ waste collection containers to provide at the event to properly manage each waste stream. 
2. Collection Container Requirements:

  • Placement: Provide garbage, organics, and recycling collection containers conveniently located and accessible throughout the event; identify locations on event site maps. 
  • SB1383 Color Coding Requirements:
    • Garbage: Black/Grey
    • Organics: Green
    • Recycling: Blue
  • Signage: Attach signage and/or labels that clearly indicates the type of waste accepted in each container. 
  • Monitoring: Hire staff/ volunteers to monitor the collection containers to prevent overflow, contamination and to educate participants on proper separation.
    • Inform event staff/ volunteers of the waste hauler drop off/pick up procedures to ensure collection containers are properly managed before and after the event. 
  • Food Vendor Management: Ensure food scraps and food soiled paper generated by on-site food vendors are separated into organics collection containers designated for each food vendor. 

In addition to the above, Assembly Bill 2176​ requires organizers/operators of large events and venues that charge an admission price and serve 2000+ attendees per day of operation, are required to:

  • Submit a post-event diversion report​ within 30 days of the event's end to CommercialWaste@SacCounty.gov
    • ​Inform the franchised waste hauler of the post-event diversion report requirement and request a diversion report. 
    • ​The diversion report must include the total amount of garbage disposed, as well as organics and recycling collected.
  • Execute a contract with a food recovery organization to recover all surplus edible food from the event. This involves coordinating with on-site food vendors to recover all eligible surplus edible food that would otherwise be thrown away.  Visit the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department's Edible Food Recovery website for additional information.

  • Include graphics on container signage that demonstrate what goes in each bin. Attach actual examples of cups, plates and utensils provided at the event of what is acceptable and what is not.
  • Hire a clean-up crew to monitor and engage with attendees about waste and low-waste practices.
    • Engage with games! How to sort? Recycle, Reuse, or Compost?
    • Provide an incentive: drink tickets, swag, discounts, etc.
  • Require food vendors to purchase and follow sustainable practices.
    • Prohibit plastic bags/cutlery, and styrofoam.
    • Provide cups that are recyclable (#1-7) and uncoated plates that are compostable.
    • Purchase items in bulk to reduce packaging and single-use items.
  • Provide refill water stations to prevent the use/purchase of plastic water bottles.
  • Go paperless! Provide event information through QR codes or digital media. Promote on social media!
  • Promote a zero-waste event!
    • Encourage attendees to bring reusable water bottles, cutlery, and napkins to reduce the use of plastics and single use items. 
    • Provide organic and recycling information with the event details.
    • Broadcast your low-waste efforts over the sound system.
  • Implement a reuse system for food service ware including a deposit for plates, bowls, and cups to incentivize reuse. This can be implemented with washing stations that are staffed by volunteers.


For questions or assistance, email us at CommercialWaste@SacCounty.gov

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