Weekly Curbside Garbage Collection

​​Weekly Grbage ​​Collection CaResidents in our service area receive: 

Acceptable/Unacceptable Materials:

Acceptable and Unacceptable Garbage Cart Items

  • Acceptable Garbage Cart Items: Household garbage; Plastic bags, ​utensils, film plastics; Coated paper & cartons; Chip bags & candy wrappers; Styrofoam(TM); Compostable plastic; Hoses, cords, clothes hangers; Clothing, shoes, blankets; Pet/Animal waste; Diapers; Semi-solid cooking grease; ​Dead animal disposal (15 pounds or less).​

    • Semi-Solid Cooking Grease Disposal: Cooking lard, bacon grease, vegetable shortening, etc., can be disposed of in the Garbage cart. Scrape the cooled grease into a ​repurposed container such as an old coffee can or bag and put it in the Garbage cart. Up to a five gallon sturdy container with cap or lid can also ​be filled with cooking grease and dropped off​ at a Household Hazardous Waste​​​ Drop-off Center​​​.​

    • Fireworks, BBQ Ash and Charcoal Briquettes Disposal & Safety: Used fireworks should never just be tossed in the Garbage cart. Learn what to do before getting rid of used fireworks: 
      • ​​Dunk fireworks in water after use. Submerge them in a large bucket of water until they are thoroughly cooled and all of the embers have been extinguished. 
      • Soak for at least fifteen minutes, and soak overnight if possible. This applies to all spent fireworks, "dud" fireworks, and sparklers. 
      • Double wrap the soaked fireworks, using trash bags, plastic baggies, or plastic wrap so that the wet explosives don't dry out. It's okay to put multiple fireworks in the same bag, as long as it is sealed. and then put them only in the Garbage cart​
      • The same goes for barbecue ash and charcoal briquettes. Never place hot fireworks, hot coals, or hot ashes in plastic, paper, or wooden containers.
      • If these items are not fully extinguished and cooled prior to disposal, they can easily start a fire in a cart, garbage truck, or the facility where they are brought, possibly endangering you and our employees.
  • Unacceptable Garbage Cart Items: No organics; No recyclables; No liquids; No e-waste; No rocks, dirt, bricks, sod; No hot ashes, coals, fireworks; No hazardous waste; No dead animal​ over 15 pounds​.

  • Use our "How do I get rid of" feature in the information ​box to look up different types of materials to see if they are acceptable or unacceptable for your curbside collection cart. 

​​​Visit our educational campaign for more on rethinking waste and your garbage
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