Free Drop Off Items

​The following items are accepted for free* at Kiefer Landfill and the North Area Reco​very Station​ for recycling. 

​*Load must only contain free items.​

Small Household Corded Items: 


Coffee makers; Toasters & toaster ovens; Telephones; Curling irons; Hair dryers; Vacuums; Mixers; Blenders; Food processors; Electric shavers; Box fans; Portable heaters​

Small Power Tools:


​​Drills; Grinders; Routers; Sanders; Power Saws


Residents may drop off up to two per day. 


​Microwaves; Refrigerators; Stoves & ovens; Washers & dryers; Dishwashers ​




Cellphones; PDAs; Devices with digital screens; Laptops; Computers; Tablet PCs; All-in-one desktops; Servers; CD & DVD drives and hard drives; Zip drives, Loose circuit boards & cards; Routers & modems; Printers & fax machines; Digital cameras; Gaming consoles; Computer mice; Wires; DVD players; Keyboards; TVs; Copiers (only residential copiers accepted free); DVRs & cable boxes;  Stereos.*

*Before dropping off e-waste for recycling, protect your personal information. Any personal data stored on e-waste should be permanently erase by using disk cleaning software, hard resets, memory card removal, overwriting commands, etc. Learn about electronic disposal best practices​.

Bulky Items:


*1 Passenger Vehicle/Light Truck Tire = 50 Bicycle Tires                                   


Tires (passenger vehicle/light truck* (limit 4 per day)

​*1 Passenger Vehicle/Light Truck Tire = 50 Bicycle Tires

​Mattresses/box springs

Clean metals

Only Accepted at Kiefer Landfill:​            


Bricks; Concrete (no rebar and no larger than 36 inches); Asphalt, Tiles, Rocks, & Stucco (clean, no dirt, no trash, no rebar)

Have further questions? Please email​​.
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