SacGreenTeam Collection Tool

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With the free SacGreenTeam mobile app, you can quickly find your collection service calendar, sign up for reminders, schedule a bulky waste pickup, and report missed service!  Use the "How do I get rid of...." tool to search household items for recycling and disposal options and play/learn with the Sort Smart game, right from your mobile device! ​

Down​load the mobile app for Apple and Android devices today!​

​Your information is protected and used only for providing recycling and waste collection service information

Use online SacGreenTeam Collection ​Tool, below:

Find your weekly collection scheduleClick "​Calenda​r" icon; enter your address. Sign up for weekly reminders via text, email​, or phone, too!

Find out how to dispose/recycle household items: Click the "How do I get rid of..." icon; enter household items for disposal/recycling options! 

Play the Sort Smart game: Click the "Game" icon; learn what household items go in which curbside cart. Fun for all ages!

Get a bulky waste pickup appointment: Click the "Chair" icon; complete the form to schedule. Learn more about Bulky Waste Pickup service​.

Find your street sweeping schedule: Click the "Street Sweeper" icon; enter your address. Sign up for reminders, too!