Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Clean metal, glass, or plastics" are empty and free of liquids or food residue.  “Clean paper" is free of food or grease. 
  • Paper items such as pizza boxes and food to-go containers are recyclable when they are new or unused, but once they have leftover food, grease, oil, or liquids on them, they are contaminated and should be ​put into the Organics cart.   
  • Make sure metal, glass, or plastics are empty, clean, and dry before being placed in the recycling cart.  Contaminated items should be placed in the garbage cart.
  • Place recyclables loose in the recycling cart.​
  • Bagged items go to the landfill.
  • Place green waste loose in the organics cart.​  
  • Bagged items go to the landfill.
  • No. Garden hoses should be placed in the garbage cart.
  • “Tanglers" such as hoses, ropes, cords, wires, and chains can get tangled in machinery and force a shutdown, requiring workers to climb into dangerous equipment to remove the material.

Yes. The County’s organics program now accepts food waste (such as fruits and vegetables) and food soiled paper in the organics cart (formerly called the green waste cart) along with leaves, grass, branches, prunings (4” diameter or less), and clean wood scraps.​

  • Sacramento County residents can take these items for no fee to the County's North Area Recovery Station HHW Facility.  Other options include the City of Elk Grove's Special Waste Collection Center and the Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station HHW Facility. 
  • These material require special handling to protect human health and the environment.
  • Residents and businesses can visit our hazardous waste website page​ for more information including hours and locations.
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