Commercial Hauling Packinghouse Waste

​ Frequently Asked Questions​​​

Packinghouse waste refers to inedible meat scraps from commercial generators. This includes unprocessed trimmings and bones, spoiled meat and poultry, and fresh or frozen fish remains.

The generator of the waste is responsible for separating it into a distinct container for pickup. The generator can be grocery stores, butcher shops, and other retail establishments. They must place all packinghouse waste in a separate container identified by the word “inedible” or by a distinct color. Please see the Pa​ckinghouse Waste flyer​ for a visual representation.

Only a California Department of Agriculture (CDFA) licensed Renderer or a CDFA registered Transporter of Inedible Materials can transport packinghouse waste​​.

The applications for both can be found on the MPES Applications and Forms page under the “Rendering” drop down menu.

No. Only Meat, Poultry, and Egg Safety Branch (MPES) licensed collection centers, renderers, and raw pet food manufactures can receive packinghouse waste. Additionally, processed pet food manufacturers must be licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) before receiving packinghouse waste.


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