Bi-Weekly Curbside Recycling Collection

Blue Recycling Cart.pngResidents in our service area receive:

​​​Acceptable and Unacceptable Recycling Cart Items: ​

  • ​Recycling Guidelines: Recyclables must be empty and dry; Lids and labels ok; Place loose in cart - do not bag. Containers with liquid or food can spoil everyone’s recycling, learn more on CalRecycle video: Sh​ake It Out
  • Acceptable Recycling Cart Items: Clean flattened cardboard & paperboard; Glass bottles & jars; Clean paper; Plastic bottles & containers; Metal cans. 
  • Unacceptable Recycling Cart Items: No plastic bags or plastic wrap, Styrofoam (TM); No propane tanks, paint, batteries, needles; No hoses, cords, chains, clothes hangers; No coated paper or cartons; No clothing, shoes, blankets; No organics; No liquids. 

Below is a detailed list of items that can be recycled in your curbside recycling containers or use the "How do I get rid of"​​ tool on our website or free SacGreenTeam App - available on the App Store or Google Play​ - and features your collection calendar, street sweeping calendar, sign up for reminders, schedule a bulky waste pickup, report missed service or play the Sort Smart ​game. 

Recycle More Of These:

​​Paper and CardboardPaper Image

Includes newspapers, magazines, junk mail, paper egg cartons, and cereal/cracker boxes (with plastic bag/liners removed).

Metal Beverage and Food CansMetal Image

Empty and dry soup and vegetable cans, dog and cat food cans, and soda cans. Labels and lids are ok.

​Glass Bottles and JarsEmpty and Dry Glass Bottle and Jars

Empty and dry glass bottles and jars. All colors are accepted. Labels and lids are ok.

Recycling Plastic Containers image

Plas​tics Bottles and Containers Recycling Rigid Plastic Containers image

​​Empty and dry plastic food and beverage​ containers.  Examples include plastic liter soda bottles, plastic laundry, shampoo, and conditioner bottles, plastic milk and juice jugs, plastic butter and yogurt containers, plastic laundry baskets, and plastic five gallon buckets. Labels and lids are ok. 

Styrofoam and packing peanuts​ are not accepted. Please reuse these items or dispose of them in your garbage cart.​​

Do Not Put The​se Items In Your Recycling Cart:​

​​​​All recyclables must be loose in the Recycling ​cart. No bagged items, plastic bags or film plastics – find a drop-off film plastic recycler or place in the Garbage cart.
No padded plastic envelopes, plastic bags, and plastic wrap. Thin, flimsy plastics jam the recycling processors machinery. Eve​n if these items have a chasing arrow image (three arrows in a shape of a triangle) they are not allowed in your curbside Recycling cart. Please reuse these items if possible. Some local stores accept flimsy plastics for recycling. Find a drop off near you at the PlasticFilmRecycling website. If none of these are options, put flimsy film plastics​ in the Garbage cart.    ​

Food soiled take out container, greasy pizza box, and beverage bottle filled with liquid image.

​No food waste, liquids, food-soiled items. Food and liquids contaminate other recyclable items so they are no longer recyclable and go to the landfill. Empty liquids and scrape or shake out food residue from your recyclables before placing in your Recycling cart.

Clothes, shoes, blankets imageNo clothes, shoes, blankets. These items get tangled in the recycling processing equipment. Donate, or dispose of these in your Garbage cart.

Hangers, electrical cords, plastic packaging straps image​No hangers, cords, hoses, plastic packaging straps. Because these items get tangled in the recycling processing equipment. Reuse or dispose of in your Garbage cart.​

NO HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE (HHW) IN ANY CURBSIDE CART – Items like household batteries, cleaners, pesticides, fluorescent light tubes/bulbs and paint never belong in any of your curbside carts (Garbage, Recycling or Organics)!  Drop off HHW items for free at any Household Hazardous Waste Regional Drop-Off Facilities​ in Sacramento County.​


Removing recyclables from a curbside cart is a ​crime pursuant to Section 6.20.160 of the Sacramento County Code. To report scavenging, call 3-1-1 (or 916-875-4311 if outside the unincorporated County), or for hearing/speech impaired, call TDD 7-1-1 or 916-875-7105.​​​​

​​Visit our educational campaign for more on sorting smart and recycling right

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