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​Fireworks, BBQ Ash and Charcoal Briquettes Disposal & Safety: Used fireworks should never just be tossed in the Garbage cart. Learn what to do before getting rid of used fireworks: Dunk fireworks in water after use. Submerge them in a large bucket of water until they are thoroughly cooled and all of the embers have been extinguished. Soak for at least fifteen minutes, and soak overnight if possible. This applies to all spent fireworks, "dud" fireworks, and sparklers. Double wrap the soaked fireworks, using trash bags, plastic baggies, or plastic wrap so that the wet explosives don't dry out. It's okay to put multiple fireworks in the same bag, as long as it is sealed. and then put in the Garbage cart​ - never in any other cart. The same goes for barbecue ash and charcoal briquettes. If these items are not fully extinguished and cooled prior to disposal, they can easily start a fire in a cart, garbage truck, or the facility where they are brought, possibly endangering you and our employees. Never place hot fireworks, hot coals, or hot ashes in plastic, paper, or wooden containers.

Learn more about Residential Curbside Collection from the new Service Guide

Collecting food scraps, food-soiled paper with yard trimmings is easy! Check out the weekly curbside Organics collection​ webpage! 

​July 2022 Green Waste Cart = Organics Cart: Starting July 2022, residential customer’s Green Waste cart will become the Organics cart for weekly collection of all food scraps, food-soiled pa​per, and green waste. Need to add, remove or exchange a cart? Use the CUBS Online Add/Remove Cart Form​. Learn more on the Residential Curbside Organics​ Page.​

Check your mail the week of June 13 for your new Residential Curbside Collection Service Guide/July 2022 - ​June 2023 Collection Calendar: The Services Guide will give you: an inside look at the new weekly organics collection service that starts July 4, 2022 and what is considered “organic” material; a reminder that your Green Waste cart is now the Organics cart for food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard trimmings; information ab​out the free kitchen pail that’s available for pick up; and tips for collecting food scraps and food-soiled paper at home. You can also view the Residential Curbside Collection Services Guide and look up your Collection Calendar from the home page of 

NOTE FOR MULTIPLE PROPERTIES: The Service Guide and Collect​ion Calendar will go to service addresses. Enter the property’s physical address at or on the app to verify the Service Calendar for each property. 

The Bulky Waste Pickup appointment schedule is temporarily unavailable: A limited number of Bulky Waste Pickup appointments may be available by mid-June and gradually increasing to a full schedule this fall 2022. The temporary service suspension is necessary for training newly hired employees to double route frequency for weekly curbside collection of organics starting July 2022. For disposal options, the North Area Recovery Station and Kiefer Landfill are open daily and accept household garbage/hazardous waste and a number of specific items for free from residents​. ​ 

Facility Fee Increases – Weighed Loads:  Fee increases for weighed loads will be effective on January 1, 2022 at the North Area Recovery Station and Kiefer Landfill. These new fees are necessary to offset the rising cost of inflation in order for the County to continue providing solid waste services in a cost-effective manner and to achieve regulatory compliance with new State regulations. All other fees remain unchanged. For the complete list of fees, please visit the Facilities Fees page. ​

SacGreenTeam Careers: Attention Class A & Class B Licensed Truck Drivers: SacGreenTeam needs good drivers like YOU!

Secure Your​ Load! It's the law: California State Vehicle Code Sections 23114 and 23115 require that loads be properly covered or secured in a manner that prevents any part of a load from falling out of a vehicle.  On September 22, 2020, the County Board of Supervisors approved charging a fee of $25 per load, effective November 1, 2020, for unsecured loads at the North Area Recovery Station (NARS) or the​ Kiefer Landfill.  The fee is intended to encourage customer compliance with State law in order to reduce roadside littering, and will provide some revenue to help offset the County's costs to clean up roadside litter and illegal dumping.  For the first six months from November 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021, the Department of Waste Management & Recycling (DWMR) provided educational outreach to customers who use these facilities to inform​ them of this law and the new $25 fee.  Beginning May 1, 2021, the $25 fee is being charged on unsecured loads at Kiefer Landfill and NARS.  You can secure your load by using tarps, straps, rope, bungee cords or netting.  Keep the load secured until reaching the tipping area.  This prevents littering on site.  ​

Residential Service: Some common​ items c​annot be accepted in Sacramento County recycling carts.  Film plastics, like plastic bags, plastic food wrap, plastic food storage bags, bubble wrap​, etc. goes in the garbage cart. Shredded paper (which must be bagged and placed in your garbage cart to prevent windblown litter).  Cartons - ​​There are two types of cartons.  Refrigerated cartons are for products such as milk, juice, cream, and egg substitutes and shelf-stable cartons are for products such as juice, milk, soy milk, soup, broth and wine.  Both should be placed in the Garbage cart - January 2019.

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