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​​Meet Anita! She is a SacGreenTeam ​residential curbside customer sharing her organics collection tips. 

Check out Anita's Organics Collecti​on: My Way videos​​: 

Tips for a small amount of food scraps:

  1. Remove plastic wrap and stickers, rubber bands, and twist ties from produce scraps so it doesn't contaminate the compost

  2. Drain liquid from food scraps -- this reduces odors and pests -- plus, you should not put any liquids in any curbside cart

  3. Store food scraps in the freezer until collection day​ -- again, another way to reduce odors and pests

  4. Sprinkle a little baking soda in the Organics cart​​ -- a third way to help reduce odors

Meet the Delmonacos! They are our SacGreenTeam residential curbside collection customers sharing their organics collection tips! 

Check out the Delmonaco's Organics Collection: My Way video​s:

Tips for anyone who doesn't cook much and instead mostly eats take-out: 

  1. Take the extra step to separate leftover food from plastic to-go containers or recyclables

  2. Put food scraps and food-soiled paper in paper bags or BPI-certified compostable bags before it’s put in the Organics cart, or layer food scraps with yard trimmings to reduce odors and pests

  3. Make sure to empty and separate recyclables and put them in the Recycling cart

  4. Do not put coated paper, cartons, to-go containers or recyclables in the Organics cart

The Delmonacos know that leftover food and food-soiled paper are as valuable as recyclables, so they make sure their recyclables are empty and dry for the Recycling cart, and they keep organics out of landfills so it becomes beneficial compost. That’s why, every day, they take the extra step to separate leftover food from plastic to-go containers or recyclables and make sure the right material reaches its highest potential! 

Meet the Tcha family! They are our SacGreenTeam residential curbside customers sharing their organics collection tips! 

Check out the Tcha family’s Organics Collection: My Way videos​: 

Tips for families who cook meals often and generate considerable food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard trimmings:

  1. Include children in meal prep and meal cleanup so they learn how to keep food scraps and food-soiled paper out of the landfill.
  2. For food scraps, store your kitchen container conveniently under the sink or on the countertop and empty it into the Organics cart daily.
  3. Line the Organics cart with paper bags/newspaper or layer yard trimmings, then food scraps. 
  4. On collection day, bring the Organics cart to the curb every week. ​

The Tcha family knows that healthy habits start at home. By putting food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard trimmings in the Organics cart, they are building sustainable habits that reduce greenhouse gas and turn a previous waste stream into beneficial compost. As a family, the Tchas ensure food scraps are scraped into a kitchen container and emptied daily in the Organics cart with yard trimmings. These habits reduce odor and pests.​​

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