Kiefer Landfill Facility Fees – Effective 01-01-24

  • Cars/Station Wagons/Small SUVs: $10.00 each
  • Small Vans & Large SUVs: $20.00 each
  • Pickup Trucks: $35.00 each
  • Large Vans: $45.00 each
  • Uncovered Load: additional $25.00 each
  • Overload Vehicle*: $10.00 each
    • *Vehicles with material piled on top of the vehicle, exceeding the height of the vehicle's cab, or extending beyond the end of the vehicle's bed (location of the tail lights) will be charged $10.00 per overloaded vehicle in addition to the vehicle fee.​

​2024 Kiefer Landfill Fees - Effective Jan. 1, 2024

  • Minimum Weight Charge: $45.00
  • Normal Refuse: $57.80 per ton
  • Clean Soil (Pre-approved, Certified clean): $10.90 per ton
  • Green Waste/Wood Waste: $109.05 per ton
  • Hard to Handle (Large/Bulky Materials): $136.60 per ton
  • Hard to Handle (Special Handling): $327.80 per ton
  • Mixed Inerts (Up to 36"; Minimal rebar OK; Must be free of dirt and trash): $26.80 per ton
  • Polystyrene Foam (Dedicated Loads): $286.85 per ton​

​2024 Kiefer Landfill Fees - Effective Jan. 1, 2024
  • Tires - Passenger Vehicle/Light Truck* (1 - 4 per day): No Fee
  • Tires - Passenger Vehicle/Light Truck (5 - 8 per day): $10.00 each
  • Tires - Commercial Vehicle/Semi-Truck/Trailer (1 - 8 per day): $30.00 each
  • Tires - Whole, Split, or Shredded: $525.85 per ton
    • Includes all Tractor Tires and 9 or more Passenger Vehicle/Light Truck/Commercial Vehicle/Semi-Truck & Trailer Tires
*1 Passenger Vehicle/Light Truck Tire = 50 Bicycle Tires

  • Clean Inerts - Clean Asphalt, Tile, Brick, Rocks, Stucco, Concrete (without rebar and not larger than 36"): No Fee
    • Must be free of dirt, trash, and rebar
  • Clean Metals: No Fee
  • Large Appliances - Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Stoves, Ovens, and Dishwashers
    • 1 to 2 per day: No Fee
    • 3 or more: $35.00 each
  • Mattresses - Non-Commercial Loads: No Fee
  • Electronic Waste – Cathode ray tubes (CRTs), TVs, computer monitors, printers, copiers, faxes, cell phones:

2024 Kiefer Landfill Fees - Effective Jan. 1, 2024

  • Large/Bulky Materials: $136.60 per ton
    • Large rocks and concrete/asphalt chunks in excess of three feet in diameter
    • Large tree stumps
    • Treated wood waste
    • Wood crates, wire rope spools (empty), and/or any wood structures larger than six feet in length, and reinforced with metal supports/ strapping
    • Baled material (if strapping material is not cut)
    • Metal railings, empty tanks (must be cut in half), crates, heavy duty piping larger than six feet in length
    • Large/commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, and/or storage units
    • Commercial loads containing 50% by volume or more of car seats or furniture (excludes mattresses and/or box springs)
    • Any large structure over ten feet
    • Mobile homes, office trailers, automobile frames/parts, including vehicles that cannot be salvaged at a salvage or wrecking yard, trailers, campers/shells, and boat hulls (stripped of all metals, cables, electronics, fuel tanks, and motors). Must be free of liquids, tires and any other unacceptable materials. As applicable, legal documentation proving ownership is required; Non-salvageable vehicles must complete a Waste Clearance Application prior to delivery
    • ​Overweight Loads (Site Supervisor or Manager Discretion)​​

    ​​2024 Kiefer Landfill Fees - Effective Jan. 1, 2024         

    Special Handling: $327.80 per ton

      • Accepted Only Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
        • Animal parts/carcasses
        • Grit & screening material (pre-approval required; must be accompanied by a certificate of acceptance (COA); call 916-876-9458)
        • Pesticide containers (empty)
        • Non-friable asbestos
        • Autoclaved medical waste
        • Dated and/or contaminated food products
        • Confidential files, records, and/or reports
        • Solid waste from legal cannabis production/business operations
        • Loads containing materials that cannot be landfilled due to regulatory or statute restrictions and customer refuses to deposit these materials in the appropriate designated area(s) of the facility
      • Accepted During Regular Hours of Operation
        • Concrete with excessive rebar
        • Law enforcement evidence
        • Unloading assistance (Site Supervisor or Manager Discretion)
        • Loads that require source separation and customer is unwilling to sort (Site Supervisor or Manager Discretion)
        • ​​​Other material requiring additional/special handling (Site Supervisor or Manager Discretion)    
        •                                                                                ​​

      Fee note examples:

      • Loads with only “No Fee" items in any combination = No Fee
      • Four (4) passenger vehicle tires + two (2) large appliances + no trash = No Fee
      • A pickup truck carrying five (5) passenger vehicle tires only with no trash = $10.00
      • A pickup truck with trash + three (3) refrigerators is $35.00 flat fee + $35.00 = $70.00​

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