Backyard Composting

Compost and Climate Webinar PowerPoint Presentation ​

Making Compost

It usually takes from three to six months to create a mature, usable batch of compost. While there is no single “correct” method, there are different “recipes” for making compost. All are based on the scientific principle of aerobic decomposition.

University of California Master Gardeners, Open Garden Sessions at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center

Attend an Open Garden hosted by the UC Master Gardeners of Sacramento County and learn about composting, gardening, and much more!

Events are held at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center.​ 

County residents who receive curbside recycling and garbage service are eligible to receive a free GeoBin hoop style compost bin (one per household).​                                                                        

Please visit the UC Master Gardeners educational resources at You​Tube, Facebook, Publica​tions​, and their Video Library​ for more information. ​​​ 

Have questions about composting, gardening, pruning, etc.?  Please send the Master Gardeners an email at

Additional information

Backyard Composting Program
Sacramento County Department of Waste Management & Recycling
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Phone: 916-875-7165
Fax: 916-854-9212​
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